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Joscelin Cockburn makes handmade jewelry including silver jewelry. You can see a sample of her necklaces including filigree and copperwire below. Scottish Jewellery individually made for you. Some items £20 ($45) or less. Joscelin also does hallmarked jewellery in sterling silver. The items made from silver range from approx £50 ($100) although as each item is individually made, prices vary. Why not treat your partner for Valentines Day with a unique handmade present? You can view some of her jewellery on Flickr.

Payments in advance by Paypal or UK cheque (please allow time to clear), either in full or 50% deposit.

All necklaces are handcrafted by Joscelin, a Scottish illustrator. Her policy is to make lovely stunning jewellery affordable to all. All prices are one offs but similar ones can be requested in beads, wires, silver and colours of your choice. Some pieces take time to perfect so allow yourself time to choose and select.

Joscelin can craft pieces for any occasion (including weddings) or for the bridal party, bridesmaids, etc in most colours and can match most material colours. Her designs include necklaces, head bands, hair clasps, hair slides, bracelets (which are stunning and affordable) rings, toe rings, anklets and tiaras.

With a background in illustration, Joscelin will try and maximise the look you want. Why not ask her to gift wrap and send as a present for a special someone.

Contact Joscelin by email and include your own telephone number. Her work is very popular so get in touch soon. Jewellery parties (Central Scotland including Glasgow, Stirling, Falkirk and Edinburgh areas) by request - notice required as all pieces are handmade. Orders taken. Postage £3, special packaging additional £3, overseas we charge the applicable post office rates.


Lace necklace with pendant crystals and iridescent copper Spiral necklace with green teardrops Filigree necklace in green Large filigree style necklace in red with copperwire

Click here for the silver jewellery.

Beadwork jewellery

Click here for the silver jewellery
Lace necklace with pendant crystals and iridescent copper Woven lace necklace threaded with beads, very simple in look. Lovely choker, dangly beads optional. All colours available. Measure neck as a choker. £15 without droplets, £25 with droplets.
Spiral necklace with green teardrops Threaded spiral necklace two tone on colours of your choice, pictured here in blue with green miyuki Japanese beads. Expensive but similar beads are just as nice and good for everyday wear. Design featured £25 (stunning and hand threaded). Colours of your choice with flatter beads £14.
Filigree necklace in green Filigree lace necklace - green wire with multi-coloured beads. Sits like a slightly loose choker. Very simple. All colours £14.
Large filigree style necklace in red with copperwire Filigree large lace design with red wire and copper wire. Red and white beads to suit. Any colour of your choice. £15
Filigree with pendants. Greens and pendants optional. A one off design, your version will be similar to suit you and your colours. £15 necklace, pendants optional £8 extra.
Handmade beads of your choice and size. Silver dangling beads if required. This one was bright blue, made to go with a silk gown of the same colour. Three tone beads. £25 necklace; £5 earrings; £5 ring; £10 bracelet.
Elegant and simple fuchsia/cerise hand made fimo rose, with crystal or beads. Simple single strand, pink wire and clasp. £14; £5 earrings (roses); £10 ring (rose).
Handmade cerise pink rose, two layers of necklace with beads and crystals interlaced. Stunning colour. Available in most colours to suit. £15 necklace; £5 earrings.
Copper flowers with beaded necklace. Copper colours available and bead colours of your choice. £14 necklace; £4 earrings. Ring with flower and bead £5.
Celtic knot necklace linked together with handmade links. Silver plated or copper based wire in most colours. Beads as colour of your choice £12. Earrings £2.
Lace triangle. This necklace starts by resting on your collar bones so you need to measure accurately (please send measurements in centimetres) or it will not sit correctly. Pictured beads are silver and red. Most colour and combinations available, £15. £2 earrings to match.
Peacock design. Leather strap also available in black, brown and blue as available. Beads colour of your choice. These are greens, blues and pink crystal with copper sculpted wire. £12.
Lace necklace in copper and cream 'pearl' type beads with crystals. These are a mixture but you can choose from white, brown, copper beads. All one colour or a mixture. Hand sewn to measure. Earrings are copper with beads to match. Necklace £15 the size as shown; £12 for a smaller, thinner choker effect. £5 extra for optional crystals on tips. Earrings £5 to match.
Mixed wire (as available) in a filigree style with red beads. Most colours available for beads, and different coloured wire. Pendants optional. Let me know your colours, or what material it is to match and I can make it for you. You can send swatches of material. All handmade and one-offs. Price £14, with pendant £15 (pendants vary).

For more details, pricing and shipping information, please E-mail Joscelin. Her email is also at the bottom of this page.

Please also view Joscelin's silver jewelry, her other Scottish artwork and face painting.

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