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Why The Chemistry Club website is pants

Welcome to homepage. "the private members technology club", "an unparalleled resource". A membership list which boasts IT Directors, CEOs, Chief Technology Officers, Project Heads from Government "Partners from top-tier private equity firms", Government Ministers, and a membership list which is a virtual who's who of the IT business.

Yet, despite all that, it takes The Pants Website Award at to point out that The Chemistry Homepage is PANTS!

Check out all those broken links at the bottom of the page. It's not just one, it's the whole navigation bar. Bit of a problem getting around your site if all I get is a 404 error guys! The 404 error is in Mozilla, Internet Explorer 6's status bar has some peculiar text and then throws a javascript error.

The Chemistry home page

Here's the JavaScript error in Internet Explorer:

Javascript error

And this is what you get in Mozilla. Well tested guys!

Broken link!

Never mind, I'm sure some of your illustrious partners can help you out. That is if they're not too embarrassed by your inability to test properly the first time around.

"The Chemistry - the right elements for start-up success"
(if you want a broken website that is!)