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Why the Norwich Union website is pants

Here I am on their site. I wish to contact them. I don't want help, I want to contact them. That's why I click on the "Contact Us" link, not the help link. Remember, I want to contact them, not receive help.

Getting to the contact details page

Click on "Contact Us"

The website abandoned me here

Oops, I appear to be on the help site, instead of receiving the "contact us" details I was looking for. Could it be that NUD in the title stands for "Newly Untested Deployment" ?

You can tell this is a big website because they don't just have a "Help", they have a whole "Help Facility"! Does this mean it has the facility to break? The consumer is abandoned at this point. Now if they had actually given me a contact details page rather than a help, it might have worked! This is not hard, there is one at the bottom of the pants website page and it didn't need a "Help Facility" to put it there either! Norwich Union is good example of how too much technology can get in the way of showing the customer your email address.