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Why the website is pants

Site reviewed on 7th December 2003

A site with a major identity crisis. The picture is of a Scottish Piper. The castle is Eilean Donan castle in the Scottish Highlands, near Kyle of Lochalsh. It's flash and alternates with a picture of Edinburgh Castle (also in Scotland).

Scotland or England?

Having then established the site's crudentials that it's about Scotland, you may notice the caption above the main graphic which says "England last updated". The window title also mentions England. Now look more carefully under the photo. Count the number of links that mention England, I think it's 28. There's lots more off the bottom off the page. Count the number of links that mention Scotland - none! So much for being a site about Scotland then, perhaps they could try visiting Scotland sometime as part of their research?

Given the use of US spellings in "Our Favorites" (UK spelling: favourites), we assume this site is aimed at Americans. To explain this confusion to Americans - Scotland and England are two separate countries with a common border. To have a site with Scottish imagery but purely English content makes about as much sense as a website about Canada using pictures of New York! Doh!

Oh, it might also help if the screen wasn't so wide that it caused a horizontal scroll bar to appear either!

The pants website award. Please feel free to add to this list