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Why the ScottishPower website is pants

The website says "Javascript is disabled". The browser says it is enabled
The website says "Cookies are disabled". The browser says they are enabled
The website says "This website is pants, we can't detect browser properties reliably, so we'll just ban you from the site. Have a nice day!".

bogus errors

So you persevere and come back in another browser. Then you get a page that's a bit on the wide side.

Do you worry about this lack of testing in a power company? Never mind, they made 220 million pounds profit in the three months to 30 September 2003. Some spare change to do some more testing perhaps?

too wide by far

Moving along, I log in as a customer and get addressed as "Cockburn". Not really very customer friendly?

login issues

Then we have that really tasteful yellow on a green background that's nearly impossible to read

colour problems

We're moving in for the kill now. We're a registered customer, using IE6, everything ought to work so you see who you can contact to raise issues regarding the website, and here it is! Calanais are the people you need to contact regarding these issues. You get all excited that you can tell the authors that their website is Pants and....

info on site designers

OOPS. They can't even code a successful link to their own site. Now I've seen some bugs in my time but a website design company that puts in a faulty link to their own site really takes the biscuit. Maybe some of that 220 million pounds profit in 3 months could improve your website a little, it is Total Pants after all.

broken site
Please feel free to add to this list