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Why the TestIT website is pants

Site reviewed on 21st December 2003

Can you spot the following on the next two screens of corporate spin?

corporate spin 1

Here's part 2, keep looking for those key phrases

corporate spin 2

OK, those are your two screens. Here's the key phrases again - did you spot them all?

Got all four, well done! Think about them while you read the following page on the same site

Example of pants webform

What is all that nonsense populating the fields, and why is there an "Undefined Constant" error in the description field? So much for the four key phrases above then.

If inadequate software testing costs the US economy $59.5 billion a year, how about sending some of that near $60Bn my way for being able to test a website? By the way, how about fixing the right hand nagivation bar too?

The pants website award. Please feel free to add to this list