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Why the workthing website is pants

Site reviewed on 12th December 2003

What is it about employment websites that they seem incapable of writing a search? We've got spring with a useless search, jobserve with a useless search, icscottish recruitment with a useless search and now workthing with a useless search. Does anyone ever find employment through these websites? It seems to be such a hit or miss affair to find anything actually matching the jobseeker's requirements.

Hey why not take a leaf out of the employment agencies book? They could employ someone who knows how to test to make sure the sites work and then they might get better response rates. Only trouble with this philosophy however is that by recruiting someone, they might have to end up paying anything from 15% to 30% of the person's salary to another agency. Easy solution, pay someone like me to do the testing then give me the 30% on top as a finders fee for finding myself! Crazy world isn't it, but on the other hand that's the sort of money they can earn for placing someone in a job with as little as a few hours work in some cases. Great work if you can get it, too bad more of that sales commission isn't going into testing their website and producing better quality results. Hey, maybe its all just a scam, they might deliberately produce bad results to get more people to send in their CVs?

Enough of this rant. Here's the workthing search. Look for jobs in Edinburgh and Lothian. Get jobs in the South East of the UK. PANTS!!!!!.

workthing search

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