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Scottish and Global Domain names for possible sale, rent or equity

Craig's Internet Domains page. A list of domains I currently have registered. Some of these I might part with given a good enough offer. All of them I want to use myself (if I can find the time!). In the meantime I might consider renting space on them. I might also consider taking equity in a company which wants to use them. There are no copyright or trademark issues with any of these names that I know of.

This page is here to allow the spiders to find index the pages easily. This list is constantly changing, please come back and check this site frequently if you're looking for a domain.

People will pay high sums for the right domain, sometimes well over $1 million. Try the domain name search engine and price guide! None of these domains are likely to go for under $3,000 and some for considerably more. Some of the links might not work, not all have been activated. I have both Scottish and Generic domains listed here

Scottish Domains

Silicon Glen - Scottish Computing and Technology ] [ ] [ ] ] [ ] [ ] ] [ ]

Scottish Music - Make a name for yourself in Scottish-Music!
Appears top of the pile in many search engines by virtue of the domain name. Looking for Scottish Music? Think! ]

Scottish Weddings - one of the most searched for subjects in the soc.culture.scottish FAQ. From traditions and Gretna Green to selling services, kilts, stationery and reception venues. Gretna Green is Scotland's #1 tourist attraction after Edinburgh Castle and gets approximately 700,000 visitors a year! ]

Celtic - Whether it's the team in Glasgow, the team in Boston or Celtic culture gifts and products, The Celtic Shop is the place to go! ]

Jobs - from the person who set up the group in 1995, here's the address for achieving the same on the web! ] and the one with global reach: [ ]

StAndrewsDay - promote Scottish events on one of the main Scottish events in the year. ] and also [ ]

Burns Night - promote Scottish events on one of the main Scottish events in the year. ] and also [ ]

Generic Domains

Silicon Wadi - The computing industry of Israel (check a search engine for the number of times this comes up! ]

Hire formal wear with TuxHire!
Short, Valuable, Memorable. Useful in the US and other countries ]

Target the valuable global jobseeker market with MoveJobs ]

House moving
The valuable global housing market could be yours with MoveHouses ]

PriceServe - the price based search engine ]

Prosume - marketing term from Prosumer or Prosumerism - Professional Consumer or Proactive Consumer ]

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