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Genealogy in Scotland - researching the Cockburn family tree

Cockburn family

My genealogy. Other records sought are listed at the end

0. Piers de Cockburn (b. abt 1190)
1. ROBERT DE COCKBURN of that Ilk and Henderland (b. abt 1210, possibly Scotland), (knighted by King Alexander III)
2. PIERS (DE) COCKBURN (b. abt 1240, Berwickshire)
3. THOMAS COCKBURN (b. abt 1285, Berwickshire)
4. ALEXANDER COCKBURN (b. abt 1310, Langton, Berwickshire; d. abt 1387)
5. ALEXANDER "OF LANGTON, KEEPER OF THE GREAT SEAL" COCKBURN (b. abt 1335, Langton; d. abt 1418, Langton)
6. SIR WILLIAM OF LANGTON AND THAT ILK (b. abt 1370) (fought in the battle of West Nisbet in 1402)
7. WILLIAM COCKBURN OF LANGTON AND THAT ILK (16 Jul 1413 - "Safe conduct for John Seynclere, sir William Cokbourne, Adam Cokbourne, Alexander and John Hogge, and James Patrykson, coming to England to treat of the liberation of the K. of Scotland" - Westm. O.ix.40. H. iv.p.ii.42 - Syllabus of the Documents Relating to England and Other Kingdoms: 1377-1654) married Helen of Reston (inherited the lands of East Reston, and the fortalice later known as Langton Tower. Part of the property was named Cockburn-haugh)
8. ALEXANDER COCKBURN OF THAT ILK (sold the lands of Barnehard, in Carriden barony, to Patrick de Cornewall called Barnehard. The charter was witnessed by Sir John de Cokburn of Brunetun & Dalginche in Fife. This is John Cockburn "of Torrie".) married Elizabeth de Crechton (Crichton)
9. SIR WILLIAM COCKBURN, BARON OF LANGTON AND THAT ILK (d. 9 Sep 1513, Flodden Field, Northumberland - the Battle of Flodden under King James IV) (knighted by James IV)
10. Alexander Cockburn (d. 1513, Flodden Field, Northumberland)
11. James Cockburn of Langton (d. 4 Mar 1578, Edinburgh)
12. Patrick Cockburn, son of James Cockburn of Langton and Joneta Ottirburn of Reidhall, and grandson of Alexander Cockburn & Mariota Hepburne, Married Isabel Home (see note below)
13. Patrick Cockburn b1596 (retoured heir to his father in the lands of East Borthwick (Langton) on 27 Nov 1617) *R* (by register of a sasine dated 28 Oct 1637, he is styled as "Patrik Cokburne of Borthwicke, heritable proprietare of ye lands" - Berwick Sasines 3, 263, v. 4)
14. JAMES COCKBURN (b. abt 1635, Borthwick, Langton, Berwickshire; d. 1 Nov 1693, Duddington, Midlothian) (estimate)
15. James Cockburne (b. Nov 1666 in Duddingston, Midlothian) Occupation "Captain" [note slight name change]
16. Alexander Cockburne (b. 27 Sep 1688 in South Leith)
17. Alexander Cockburn (b. 9 May 1711 in Inveresk and Musselburgh
18. William Cockburn (b. 8 Jun 1743, Inveresk and Musselburgh
19. James Cockburn (b. 30 May 1775, Edinburgh St Cuthberts)
20. Andrew Cockburn (b. 6 May 1807, Humbie, East Lothian; d. 9 Sep 1884, Humbie Bridge, Humbie, East Lothian)
21. David Cockburn (b. 3 Mar 1843, Humbie, East Lothian; d 12 Feb 1921, Haddington, East Lothian)
22. David Cockburn (b. 9 Nov 1878 Haddington; d 15 Feb 1944, Haddington)
23. John Cockburn (b. 21 Mar 1923 Haddington; d 15 May 2004, Bannockburn)

Isabel Home, descended from Sir David Home, 1st Baron of Wedderburn who is in turn descended from the Earls of Dunbar and further back to King Kenneth MacAlpin, first King of Scotland, see Rootsweb

I am currently researching the following people, any help gratefully appreciated. Mostly the Scottish records are East Lothian or Dumfries the US records are more difficult.

Other people on my list incase anyone has any info on them:

David Cockburn

Children of David Cockburn senior above:

Andrew Cockburn

Father of David Cockburn was Andrew Cockburn, details of him and his family:
Andrew Cockburn, born 7/6/1807 in Humbie (shoemaker)
Married 22/11/1833 in Humbie to Catherine Foggo
died 9/9/1884 in Humbie aged 78.

Details of this family from the humbie 1841 census
Folio 0 Page 2 Sched 0 - Shillinghill

COCKBURN Andrew - M 30 Shoemaker ELN - (born 1801) (possibly error, probably 1807)
COCKBURN Cathrine - F 30 ELN -  (born 1801) (possibly error, probably 1807)
COCKBURN Cathrine - F 5 ELN - (born 1836) in Midlothian - Blackshiels     
COCKBURN Mary - F 1 ELN - (born 1840)

James Cockburn

Father of Andrew Cockburn was James Cockburn.
Details of him and his family:
James Cockburn married 1 Feb 1806 Humbie to Katharine Hunter (or Catherine)
Occupation thatcher/agricultural labourer. James Cockburn likely born 2/11/1775, Catherine (also Cathrain) possibly born 1786.

Details from the 1841 census:
Folio 0 Page 11 Sched - Highlee

Details from the 1841 census:
Folio 0 Page 11 Sched - Highlee

COCKBURN James - M 65 Agricultural Labourer ELN
COCKBURN Cathrain - F 55 ELN

Piece: SCT1851/710 Place: Humbie-East Lothian Enumeration District: 2
Civil Parish: Humbie Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: -
Folio: 0 Page: 6 Schedule: 20
Address: Old Mill,1851 census

Surname         First name(s)         Rel         Status         Sex         Age         Occupation         Where Born        
COCKBURN  James         Head         M         M         78         Ag Labourer          Midlothian - Crichton          
COCKBURN   Cathran         Wife         M         F         67         Wife          East Lothian - Humbie               
SOUNNES         Mary         Grndau         U         F         13         Scholar          East Lothian - Bolton               
SOUNNES         John         Grnson         U         M         9         Scholar          East Lothian - Pencaitland          

List of resources

I am currently using the resources listed in the Scotland Guide, and listed in the section on tracing your Scottish ancestry. If anyone has any further resources applicable to Scottish research, please email me.

Author: Craig Cockburn. Updated 13-April-2012