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Joscelin Cockburn, artist and illustrator

Joscelin's handmade jewellery | Face Painting work
Joscelin hails from Otter Ferry, a small village in Argyll on the west coast of Scotland. Here is a sample of her work covering a selection of the wide range of work she has undertaken in the past, we welcome enquiries about artwork commissions and we accept payments by sterling cheque, or Paypal for international commissions. Prices vary depending on the amount of time involved, materials used, size of the finished work, postage and (optionally) any framing requirements.
Small picture of Joscelin

Celtic J with hamrock, fishes, lion and knotworkA Celtic style J incorporating shamrock, fishes, lion and knotwork

Celtic artwork, Celtic clipart, botanical illustratrations, artwork commissions and face painting

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Face Painting
Handmade Jewelry
Celtic tree of life (new window) this is the vertical part from the order of service for our wedding.
Banner showing Celtic dogs
Cover of order of service for a child's blessing
Japanese and Celtic image showing Celtic dragon, dog and birds
Botanical illustration in pen of an African Violet (557K)
Lifelike painting showing various Butterflies (826K)

Commissions welcome, please contact Joscelin at the address below. Samples of work available on request.

Besides knotwork and wedding stationery, Joscelin's main specialties are botanical paintings, children's storybooks, Celtic designs (e.g. for weddings, christenings, blessings and birthdays) and face painting. If you are an author looking for an illustrator for your work, please get in touch!

Joscelin can paint just about anything! She did a 10ft x 5ft shop front sign for Mr Macawz, Haymarket, Edinburgh. Her work has been praised by the director of Glasgow's Mayfest, has appeared in several exhibitions and also on the TV.

Joscelin's Celtic artwork has also been available through the Muileann Dubh catalogue, the catalog for Gaelic gifts

Joscelin Fiona Cockburn

Artwork © 1996 - 2011 Joscelin Cockburn

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