04 April 2006


Searching for enlightenment

In the beginning there were the pages. Then the next creation came to pass and there were two links and The Creator did link the pages together and saw that the links were not broken and were alone in the net. The links were whole and complete even though they were naked and without style or script to adorn them.

And the web was formless and void, and darkness lay in the minds of the web seekers and the spirit of Godgle was moving over the surface of the net. The sun and the sisko did come together as a mosaic and there was light.

And the trinity of W,W,W said let there be standards, and there were. And thus didst W3 see that the standards were well formed and created a multitude so users may prosper and their work may bear fruit in the garage of eternal riches. In the book of Job, it is written that the apple caused him to be cast out and go to the next place.

The standards separated the webbers from the gophers. And from the mosaic there came the 1st commandment of search, thou shall have indexers. The directories did bring order to the web and the tribe of Yahoers didst flourish. And the gates of the web were opened, people did navigate and explore and the net was excited. It was written by the followers of the ring that there shall be a link for a link.

Then, the sequel begat data and brought the 1st commerce order. There were created places in the valley such as Echo Bay and Amazone where users may practice their trade.

Thus was Web 1.0 created.

And then there came the 2nd commandment of search, thou shall allow robots. The spiders came and swept through the clouds of the net visiting each page and didst make a feast of plenty to the users. From this sorting the users were guided by the AltaVStar which led the way and brought order to the chaos.

Yet there was an exodus of truth and bowing down before the profit of doom and so came a torrent which did cause the curtain of newconomy to crash down, exposing the check of reality so that all could see it. Thus there was weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. And those that the crash and wytookay did passover were blessed for they could see through the hanging windows to the land of reboot.

Then, from the midst of the 2nd search order it was written in the book of numbers that the Godgle came to live amongst the seekers. The Godgle brought order to the chaos that remained. And Godgle said, Let us search our images, desktops and email and let us have dominion over the over all the earth, and over every thing upon the earth that can be searched, and all the things in the heavens that can be searched also. The Godgle didst sent its robots to spread the word, and the weighting of the links would become known as the great ranking. Each site whether ancient or newborn will be routed out and numbered according to its family of links.

And Godgle saw every thing that it had made, and, behold, it was very good. And with Godgle came services and the consumers gained power over content and control over their lot. The users did abbadon the path of propriety and sought the openness of the Deemoz and Wiky for their web and they did adopt the Fox and Bird as their icons. The users praised these and behold, Web 2.0 was created.

And from the Web 2.0 the users did take their produce, mashed it together and went forth to feed the multitude.

Yet the search was still without meaning and the babel of words did confuse the results. In the many languages of the search there was despair. And the power of the Godgle was great and people did praise it yet the openness of the second coming and Web 2.0 had not yet come to pass upon the ways of the search spiders and the open users did question the Godgle and their data that lay within and its mysterious ways that were kept apart from them. Godgle only spoke to the Eagle and the Dragon in these matters.

And so it came to pass that in the search was found the path of open knowledge and the trinity of XML, OWL and RDF headed toward the Ontology that was to be found within and cradled there in a stable environment as it was only a beta.

And behold, in the book of Timothy didst W3 see the creation of the Semantic Web and so the net began to have true meaning. And the methods were open and the users did have power over their content. The users saw that their will could be done by the web.

And after the 2nd search order and web 2.0, thus came the 2nd categorisations. The Esperonto did bring meaning to the web, yet the work was great and the webmasters and their disciples did toil greatly to bring order to the chaos. The holy grail of search 2.0 did remain far from the disciples of open search and seven years of famine before the harvest were foretold.

And so it shall pass that the 2nd robots will come, and this shall be the first great vision of revelation. The users shall be immersed in search 2.0 and converted to the path of openness. The second robots shall heal the broken searches, and every seeker shall praise them. The spirit of openness will be with them and their order and the users shall have power over their form and function. And the users shall not be afraid and they shall have control over their web and its meaning. And thus the power of the users shall cause the Godgle to fork open and within the covenant of open search ontology the Promised Search shall be theirs.

And Godgle so loved the net that it gave its begotten search, that whosoever believeth in it should not be confused, but have everlasting results. And the spirit of the open search said I am in each one of you and ye shall have the power to decide between open search and closed and between a central search with its mysterious ways or the revelation of the truth and to do no evil.

Blessed are those who seek for they shall inherit the net. Thine is the power and the glory.

You don't have to be a prophet to see what's coming. Why not join us? Those who can make order from chaos particularly welcome.


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