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Welcome to the Silicon Glen free optimization information, add URL and search engine service. Here you can add your URL to many of the world's leading search engines. We also have information on search engine optimisation links. Please bookmark this page for future reference!

As part of promoting this site and other sites I manage, I had compiled the following links for adding a URL. I was always trying to remember which engines were best to submit to and when I did get to their site, the Add URL feature wasn't always easy to find. So having compiled this information, I'm sharing it here in the hope that it is beneficial to other webmasters.

If you'd like me to help your site get promoted in the search engines, then please see our page on search engine optimisation. If you look for "Silicon Glen" (without the quotes) in the major search engines you will notice it coming #1 nearly all the time, despite Google claiming over a million possible matches. I might be able to help you get similarly good ratings in the search engines.

Quality rather than Quantity

The purpose of this list is to target top search engines rather than wasting a lot of time on lesser used resources. The aim being to focus on a concise list containing the most used search engines instead of spending a lot of time on an exhaustive list of engines, many of which are comparatively rarely used. For information on which sites are popular, check out Media Metrix.

Search Engine Submit Pages

Search Engines

The most widely used search engine, excellent results and dominant market share
Submit to or Submit to

Submit to AltaVista Worldwide | AltaVista UK

One of the main search engines for AOL/Netscape, also owns WebCrawler. Definitely worth getting into for the audience although personally I don't think it's very good for returning relevant results.
Submit to Excite worldwide | WebCrawler

This search engine is used by Yahoo!, the Microsoft Network and Freeserve (Britain's most popular ISP)
Submit to Hotbot | Lycos worldwide

Microsoft Network UK
Microsoft seem to have moved over to their own search engine
Submit to MSN UK

UK Plus
Alongside Lycos, this is the other search engine used by Freeserve. An important search engine to get into for UK oriented sites. Also used by Netscape's UK site.
Submit to UK Plus

Ask Jeeves
A very user friendly and powerful search engine. You add a URL by sending an e-mail with an explanation of the site. More information on the following pages
Submit to Ask Jeeves worldwide | Ask Jeeves UK

FAST Search
FAST Search claim to have the world's biggest fastest search engine, over 300 million pages searched in under half a second. Site URL is ""
Submit to FAST search

UK only search engines

"The largest UK-specific search engine on the Internet."
Submit to SearchUK

The Brit Index
"The Web from a UK perspective"
Submit to The Brit Index

Web Directories

In these directories you generally have to choose a category first for your site before you can add it to the directory.

The most productive search engine to get into, but also one of the hardest to get listed on. Choose your category and descriptive text carefully. To get listed, see the information on the following pages.
How to submit to Yahoo! worldwide | Yahoo! UK

The Open Directory
Used by AOL's Netfind, Netscape Netcenter, Dogpile and others. Helps PageRank in Google. Like Yahoo! but without the pesky adverts and it seems easier to get a listing in it than in Yahoo!. Compiled by volunteers. A vast range of information, organised hierarchically into categories. You have to choose a category first before you can add a site.
How to submit to Open Directory

Part of the NBC Internet and CNET group. You have to choose an appropriate category for your website first and then click on Submit URL there.
How to submit to Snap

OpenHere is one of the 10 largest index and search sites on the Internet You can modify your listing on OpenHere at any time. Updating your listing results in it being placed at the top of the category and any changes to the listing will be reflected in the OpenHere search engine.
How to submit to OpenHere

Other categories

EuroSeek's commitment is to be Europe's no. 1 portal. They have a customisable interface in 40 languages including Irish Gaelic. Remarkably few search engines come anywhere near this site's multi-lingual capability. Their site directory has well over 1 million sites and almost 200,000 categories. Euroseek allows you to bid on keywords for both its search engine and its version of the Open Directory Project.
Submit to EuroSeek

Part of Go2Net. A search engine where sites and items are ranked and ordered according to the ratings they receive. Excellent if you're looking for quality sites. Contains quite a lot of content
Submit to 100hot

Search Engine tools and resources

For services offering an exhaustive list of engines or which charge money, see Yahoo Web Promotion Listings. If you want to read more about search engines, how they work and how to get the most from them, I particularly recommend reading Search Engine Watch and Search engine optimisation newsletters and the Websearch guide. Keyword popularity checks are also helpful in optimising your keyword meta tags for maximum effectiveness, although search engines are relying on keywords less and less. Many search engines (e.g. now rank sites according to how many sites link to them and weightings assigned to those sites rather than relying on meta tags. You are better off choosing an appropriate title for your site and working on the meta description than spending a lot of time on keyword optimisation.

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