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The Broken Link Preventer: Stopping broken links in real time.

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Silicon Glen, Scotland: Broken link prevention tool launched.
And now for something completely different. A link checker that doesn't just tell you where the broken links are on your site, instead it prevents broken links from occurring and tells you how many times on your site people have tried to access a link that leads to broken content.

We believe this is the first broken link prevention tool that works for any link and which works in real time, telling you within seconds that someone has accessed a potentially broken link on your site. More than that, even though there's about 1000 external links in the soc.culture.scottish FAQ, none of them break anymore.

Program features

Comparison with a conventional link checker

The testing process for broken links

This tool is complimentary to the work done by the excellent xenu link sleuth. Xenu is ideal for finding broken links during development before a website goes live. You can use xenu on the development version of a site to verify you have no broken internal links for instance and to perform a pre-live check on any external links. However, once your site is live we recommend using our broken link monitor for all the reasons explained above.

Further information

Please contact us for pricing, licensing and deployment information. We can either give you the code to install it on your own server, or we offer a managed service where you don't have to install anything and can simply use the installation on our server from $50 a year to cover bandwidth and support.

This article is translated to Serbo-Croatian language by Jovana Milutinovich from Web Geeks Resources.

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