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Why the Argos website is pants

You searched for "scooter". How about a Racing car or a bicycle?

argos search results

or after the racing car and bicycle, how about a scooter that looks like another bike or another car or yet another bike or yet another car?

argos search results

ah, it was a scooter you searched for. Found them (eventually). They were at the bottom of page three of the results, check the highlight. Results 27,28 and 29 of 37 actually. The title of the product is a bit of a give away, maybe your search engine could use it?

argos search results

And how it should be done. Amazon leads the way yet again. Search for scooter, get scooters. Of the 16 returned, the top 4 are directly relevant and all bar 2 in the results are of interest.

amazon search results

How difficult was that?