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Why Powergen's website is pants

They are running a promotion in conjunction with Tesco, but when you try to view the terms and conditions of the promotion the hard coded backslashes in the URL rather than forward slashes cause you to see this

Broken link

The site isn't experiencing difficulties at all, they just have a broken link which a free link checker would have detected. The number 2 on the page above is also a bit surprising.

Moving along, I thought it might be useful to contact them and let them know. Their Contact Us form looks like this:

Contact Us

Sorry, but I don't see a "Contact us to report a fault with our site". Maybe they think the site will never have a problem?

So I meandered around the site a bit and found another link to a feedback form, but when I clicked on it got this:

Broken link

Finally I went off to their corporate site but when I went to click on the feedback form there received this:

Another broken link

The focus here is on the words "feedback form" and as you can see from the browser's status bar, the word questionnaire has been mis-spelled, resulting in another broken link and another missed opportunity to get feedback about problems.

For information, in the year to 31 December 2002, profit before tax and exceptional items for Powergen Ltd was 332 million. The directors' compensation for that year, including that for loss of office amounted to over 10 million. Spare a dime for a free link checker anyone? For feedback, a simple
<a href="feedback.html" accesskey="9">Feedback</a>
would be a big help!