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Clan Links

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Gathering of the Clans:


Clan Cameron
Clan Donald USA:
UK Clan Grant Society:
Clan Gregor
Clan Graham Association Clan Stewart:
Clan MacDonald
Clan MacIntyre
Clan MacTavish

Achlain medals - clan crest medals

We are a company based in the Highlands of Scotland near Loch Ness who are selling 99.9% pure silver clan crest medals. Our medals have been approved by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.

Please have a look at our site at:

The standing council can be reached at:

Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs
Hope Chambers
52 Leith Walk

Clan Gregor mailing list

There is a new Mailing List for persons interested in the heritage of the Clan Gregor (MacGregor), Clan Alpine (MacAlpine), and septs of Alpine and Gregor.

Subscription is via E-Mail from the home page of the American Clan Gregor Society:
or directly to

The mailing list is known as "Ard Choille". It is a moderated list for all parties with an interest in MacGregor history, lineage, and current events. The primary interests are to: bring persons interested in Clan Gregor, its septs, and related clans together in clan friendship; collect and publish historical and genealogical material; and inform participants about the history of the Clan in Scotland and America; and aid descendants within the Clan.

Further clan information

See also [11.1] and [12.5]

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