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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
for the soc.culture.scottish newsgroup

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General information
Celtic information
Scots Language
Scottish Music
Literature & Poetry
Scottish Festivals
Gaelic language
Gaelic song & music
Song lyrics
Scottish dance
Scottish History
Traditions & Culture
Food, Drink & Pubs
Travel & What's On
Areas & Places
Sport & Recreation
Media & Broadcasting
Government & Politics
Internet & Computing
Further Reading

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the soc.culture.scottish usenet newsgroup lives here. The FAQ contains hundreds of pages of information and is the first on-line guide to Scotland (founded Spring 1994). This version of the FAQ's web site typically receives well over 2,000 page views a day.

The Scottish FAQ site had received 460,000 hits (not including mirror sites) as of December 1999. As of January 2001, it's about 1.3 million hits and growing by about 200,000 a month.

This FAQ is a living document, if there's any corrections, additions or comments you'd like to make, please send them to me for the next edition. The usual updates for the archives are 25-Jan (Burns night); 1-May (Beltain); 1-Aug (Lammas); 30-Nov (St Andrew's day).

Thanks to all who helped with this FAQ, it was far from being a solo effort.

FAQ Generator

The FAQ pages which follow were created automatically by the text to HTML converter, Q-HTML. Q-HTML inserts the relevant mark-up and puts in the line breaks, paragraph markers and anchors. It also splits the FAQ into separate files and generates the indexed contents.

The HTML version of the FAQ generated by this program is available at the following link.

FAQ Contents

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Text Version

Text only version of the FAQ (>700K). This is useful for off-line searching.

FTP locations

Copies of the FAQ are also obtainable via FTP at:
? The archives. This version is dated 25-Jan-2005.
This is the central source for all newsgroup FAQs and is mirrored around the world.
? The archives. This version is dated 23-Oct-1999
zip-file, 624K (includes text version and html version suitable for off-line browsing and searching). text version, 592K.

FAQ by mail

To get the FAQ by mail, send a mail as follows:
  Subject: (no subject)
  send /faqs/cultures/scottish/scottish-faq
The FAQ will come back in about 14 separate parts which you can paste together.

Facebook group

There is now a facebook group for soc.culture.scottish!

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