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History and Archaeology information

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An excellent site for Scottish Historical information is:

Scottish history tours

Stonepages Scottish stone monuments (cairns, brochs, standing stones, circles etc)


Insch, Aberdeenshire
Information on 7,000 recorded prehistoric sites, including stone circles, Iron Age hill forts and Pictish symbol stones,

Scottish Archaeology News

and the online verion of The Digger (UK excavators newsletter) plus links to all archaeological units in Scotland.

Scottish History online

Kilmartin House Trust

This group has opened its multi award winning archaeological
centre and museum in the village of Kilmartin on the West Coast of Scotland. This site gives a taste of the museum and also allows visitors to preview the collection of ancient sites that surround the village.

There is an on-line historical Scottish newspaper, "The Latest", at Gordon Johnson's homepage (also has Scottish genealogical information)

British Archaeological Directory for Scotland is at:

Antique style maps of the battlefields, clans and families of Scotland are available mail-order from:

Border reivers

CD-ROMS / Software

Dunedin Multimedia
Educational software publishers

Mailing lists

There is a mailing list for Scottish/Celtic/Medieval history:
mailto: for more information. I was sent a sample issue and it looked excellent. See also Join via


A recommended book on Scottish history is
Scotland: A new history by Michael Lynch.
ISBN 0-7126-9893-0
500+ pages, shortlisted for Saltire book of the year award.
Covers 20 centuries, from the Picts to the present day

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