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Choosing a Scottish name for your child

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Scottish Names

Scottish Christian Names by Leslie Alan Dunkling
ISBN 0717946061
Publishers Johnston & Bacon, PO Box 1, Stirling, Scotland
"Christian name", now that's a term which has rapidly vanished
from use!

Note, if you want to change your name in Scotland you have to do this by deed poll in order for official (UK) government bodies to recognise it, even though a deed poll is an English legal instrument.

Scottish Gaelic names

Ainmean Chloinne
Scottish Gaelic names for Children, by Peadar Morgan.

Available from
The Gaelic Books Council
32 Mansfield Street
G11 5QP
Tel: 0141 337 6211

Published by Taigh na Teud, Breacais Ard, Skye. ISBN 1871931401

Information from the register of births regarding the most popular names used in Scotland 1900-2000 is available at for 2001, the information is here

The most popular children's names in Scotland in 2003 are listed here:

Medieval Names

For info on pre-1600 Scottish names (for all you SCA people), click on the "Scottish Names Resources" link at

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