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Travel information

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Travel resources
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Travel Scotland

Scottish Accommodation listings, Travel information, venues etc.

Information on Scotland, aimed at people travelling from the US


Public Transport - all timetables online - Transport Direct

unlimited travel on one ticket (bus and many trains)

Trains (timetables) (book train tickets online)


online bus timetables

Plan journeys by bus and train in and around West Lothian (includes to and from Edinburgh). Brilliant site, if only everywhere in Scotland had this level of integrated information, more people might use public transport!

Glasgow Airport Millennium Taxis

Part of the official Glasgow international Airport taxi business, the site includes over 450 pages dedicated to Scottish tourism.



Cycling Scotland

Scottish Cycling Development Project
(Including information about bikes and public transport)

Dales Cycles Ltd.
150 Dobbies Loan
Glasgow G4 OJE

Transport Scotland

Transport Scotland is the transport agency run by the
Scottish Government.


Sunrise and Sunset
use 'form B'

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