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Article on Independence

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Article by DOBSCAN mailto:

I am forever reading comments about an independent Scotland. The reasons often given are; a hatred for England, a wish for a return to Gaelic, and other such emotional issues. Now while these and other emotional issues may play a small part I doubt, due to the mass differences in opinion that any of these will have any affect on the independence of Scotland.

I grew up in an extremely nationalist environment and the issues I heard to support a separate Scotland, and I believe they are the ones shared by most Scots and in general most thinking people.

1: Economic self rule so as to decide where our tax pounds went. A very simple idea and principal, that would allow the people to decide what was important to them and how their money was spent and to insure that their money was spent in Scotland to meet the needs of the Scottish people who paid them. This was always the main issue.

2: Our own polititians who would be more concerned with the problems affecting Scotland than those in London who are resposible for a larger area and a higher population. Since the governing people are elected the issues of the majority get a priority over the issues of a minority. England has a greater population thus more votes, thus more pull with the political parties. Again a simple reality.

I never heard vote for Scottish rule because we hate the English, or we want our own Royal Family, or other issues. They may exist in some cases but not in the main stream. In fact if one was to look at the issues of Scottish rule one would see the plans already in place for a great deal of cooperation with the countries around Scotland. The reason for an independent Scotland is to improve the life of the Scots, not to harm the lives of other nations. The issue is prosperity and responsability for Scottish issues by the people of Scotland.

As an example of the emotions involved, one of my uncles, a very staunch nationalist, and a, rightfully so, proud vetran of the Scots Guards used to make us stand for God Save The Queen, while everyone else left the pictures (movies) Because it was the right thing to do.

At 14 to 16 I would of been the ideal terrorist and would of welcomed the chance of running into Westminister with a bomb on my back. I suggested it a few times, and even the hardest core fringe separatists/nationals were aghast at my suggestion. "We don't do that" was the reply and the disgust was very clear in the voices. As much as I thought of them as cowards in my foolish youth I respect and admire their stance today in my mature foolishness. Again the ecomonic and logic of separation were explained to me. When I would, as a child, express a horray for the IRA or such, I would be chastised and told some poor soldiers mother, wife or child would be missing them. Think of the poor bairns was always a prominent remark. Steps were taken so that I would not hate the English people with the constant emphasis being placed on economics and logic.

I hope this will clear up some of the issues about Scottish Nationalism. Will help clear up some missconceptions about the movement. As you can see by the sign off of Mr. Chick McGregor when he says " Don't vote Labour because of your Parents. Vote SNP because of your children." You will note that there is no other reason for an independent Scotland that to benefit the people of Scotland. Scottish Nationalisn is not based on history it is conceived on the hopes of the future.

Dave M.

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