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Scottish import shops

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United States
Scottish Crofters is a web-based import store. They sell tartans, kilts and accessories, crafts from the Highlands, handmade bears dressed in custom tartans, and a broad range of traditional Scottish and Celtic jewellery.

Dunedin Scottish

Dunedin Scottish
5402 Airport Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33634
(813) 885-5880
Order line- 1-800-237-5836

Great Scot

Great Scot has a web site with secure on-line shopping at

We rent kilts and also have an easy payment plan for kilt purchases. Our kilts are made at the Lochcarron Mill in Scotland. We ship world- wide.

We carry tartan ties, sashes, scarves, clan crest badges and key fobs, kilts, bagpipes, maps, books, music and videos, chanters, sporrans etc. We also have jewellery we order through several different sources in Scotland.

David and Sally Fay
Great Scot
P.O. Box 1817,
Nashville, IN 47448

Scottish Lion
The Scottish Lion Import Shop is located in North Conway, New Hampshire, USA, where, for the last 27 years they have been offering fine Scottish, Irish and British imported items. They are the largest mail order catalogue and store in the eastern U.S.

Gael Force Imports, Inc.
Music, Gifts and Jewellery, Books and Videos, Resources and Information. P.O. Box 26445 Fresno, CA 93729-6445
US or Canada Toll Free 1-800-905-4268, other (209) 438-9661
Fax (209) 438-8813 mailto:


The Norwegian Import Shop in Norway is:
House of Scotland
Elisenbergveien 35
N-0265 Oslo
Tel: (47) 22 55 37 86

They specialise in Scottish Import Products: Clothes, shoes, etc. It is also possible to order items like bagpipes and practice chanters etc. through them. They are also specialists in Burberries.

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