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Getting a job in Scotland

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Printed media

The Scotsman and The Herald carry job adverts most days, although Friday is the best day for both. The Scotsman has an Edinburgh bias to the jobs in it, the Herald a Glasgow bias. However, sometimes jobs in Edinburgh are only advertised in the Herald. I've also seen Highland jobs only advertised in the Herald. Best to get both if you're not fussy about location. If you live outside Scotland, the best paper with a UK wide circulation and with a focus on Scottish jobs is Scotland on Sunday. Can't say much about the journalism though, after all it is from the Andrew Neil propaganda machine.

The Scotsman is at

The Herald is at

Scotland on Sunday is at

Online resources

Note: Many of the on-line resources are biased towards jobs for those in the computer industry.

Job metasearch
Meta search for jobs. Potentially a great (although rather obvious) idea but has some way to go to be a useful search as there are limited search options and the integration between the site and the others is very lacking in places. One day they may all get their collective acts together and create a common API which produces something useful. Alternatively, contact us as we are interested in developing such an interface and are looking for funding/sponsors/partners and I own the domain for this.


Similar to Jobserve although some jobs may appear on one and not the other. Send an e-mail to mailto: or visit their website at
Tel: 01243 641141

Very flexible search which actually seems to work, unlike many other sites. Highly recommended. They have launched a Scottish flavoured version at which is highly recommended


Jobserve allows you to filter jobs by location so you can receive a mail whenever a job in Scotland comes up which matches your criteria (e.g. technical skills) For more information about JobServe, please send a blank e-mail to mailto: or visit their website at

Unfortunately, for years you couldn't filter by salary so you often got back a load of irrelevant dross. Unfortunately also only agencies can use the service. This means that vacancies with many smaller companies are not to be found here as such companies cannot afford the 30% of first year's salary which agencies charge, often for a few hours work (not bad work if you can get it!). This is the original online job matching service and it shows. You can still apply for the same job multiple times. I did in fact think online jobs searching was a good idea in 1989 and appeared in the local paper winning an award for the idea as part of the Shell Livewire competition.

Jobserve Website is noted as PANTS here:

Covering all job sectors and the whole UK, this useful job search has a wide range of jobs and a detailed geographic filter but no salary search and no option to multiselect various locations.

TipTopJob is a general job board. Search through thousands of jobs across 34 different industries and apply online. Set up email alerts and add your CV to help yourself get recruited.

STV Jobs

Jobs in Scottish, site managed by Scottish Television Ltd

Scottish Jobs on the Net

No nonsense Scottish Job board with no annoying pop ups just thousands of jobs throughout Scotland

Scottish Jobs
One of the most flexible searches going, highly recommended.

Killer Jobs
A decent website with a reasonable number of results. No salary search though. Keywords are mandatory (so no browsing for just the top paid jobs, irrespective of keywords)

IT Job Board

Apparently the market leader, although unfortunately they can't email you the actual details of jobs which match your requirements!


Contract Jobs

IC Scottish Recruitment
Search by salary doesn't work
One of the worst job websites for usability

Website is noted as PANTS here:

Scottish IT Jobs

Jobs in Academia

For jobs in academic circles

S1 Jobs
Allows filtering by salary (hooray)

The Appointments Section

ScotlandJobs - part of - Jobs startup - social marketing for jobseekers

Civil Society Jobs

Civil Society Jobs can provide you with the latest third sector news, advice and best practice guides as well as jobs for anyone wanting to work for a charity.

Agencies Best People CareerCare Computer People Elan Head Resourcing Hudson Search
Search are Scotland's largest independent recruitment Agency and have the largest online database of jobs covering Scotland. Advantage Resourcing
eFinancialCareers Scotland - Scotland's Financial Job Marketplace

Software Academy

The Software Academy,, is a Scottish Enterprise venture to provide support and advice on
recruitment and skills projects including: assistance with the recruitment process, Training Needs Analysis and access to the Graduates into Software programme.

Rules and regulations

If you are not a European Union citizen, then there are complex laws around obtaining a work permit and residency or being a student. You are strongly advised to consult the British Embassy or Consulate in your country for official advice. There is some information from the Home Office at entitled "Naturalisation as a British Citizen - A guide for applicants" which should help and regarding immigration rules to the UK

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