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Celtic art and font links

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Information on Celtic fonts

Gaelic script is not based on Irish Uncial, but Irish miniscule, 8th century style. The Anglo-Saxon miniscule of the tenth is exactly the same script, plus thorn, wyn and edh (as exemplified by the 9th-century gloss to the Linsfarne Gospels), so much so that some academics argue that Gaelic script is derived from Anglo-Saxon miniscule, rather than the other way round. It's an old quibble, arising from the similarity of these two scripts. If you are looking for a definition of Gaelic script, either could serve as a source.

Gaelic script is characterised by a triangular letter A, and leans towards Italic rather than the round upright majuscule, or uncial proper. The book of Durrow is a particularly good reference source.

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