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Where can I get bagpipes?

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It's many a long year since I "squeezed the bag and tuned the drones", but I think that you would be safe to give Kilberry Bagpipes of Edinburgh a toot!! (They're located near the King's Theatre). They would have an even better selection if their "showroom" wasn't a parking space for a very large motorcycle.

The Scots Magazine ran an article on them in it's October '96 issue. They are on
and for e-mail try them at mailto:

Highland Pipes:
Henry Murdo (Dun Fion Bagpipes)
Corriegills, Isle of Arran
Tel 01770 302393
Henry is regarded as one of the top pipemakers in the world.

Bagpipes of Caledonia
Lorn House
Links Garden Lane
Leith, Edinburgh EH6 7JQ

Bagpipes and associated products, tuition packs, chanter kits.

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