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Traditional Scottish Music and Culture List

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Date: 11 Aug 1997 20:39:07 -0300
From: (Toby A Rider)
Subject: New Scottish listserver: SCOTS-L

To All:

Please note that I have started the new "Official" Scottish traditional music list server. Devoted entirely to the discussion of the traditional Celtic music of Scotland by those who perform or appreciate it.

It is an unmoderated list, I trust that you all will be polite and considerate of opinions different than your own, regardless of how repugnant :-)

I look forward to the fine discussions that will develop on this list.

* To subscribe to SCOTS-L, send an e-mail to
mailto: with the message body:

subscribe SCOTS-L

* To post a message to SCOTS-L, send mail to the following address:

In addition, you can subscribe via the web page at:

Toby Arnold Rider
mailto:, mailto:
Website at

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