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The Piano film music

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The music for this film is similar to "Gloomy Winter" (Sung often and well by Dougie MacLean) by Robert Tannahill (see [11.14]). Also sung by Chantan on their album "Primary Colours" on Culburnie records. mailto:

An addition to the above - although the tune Gloomy Winter is very similar, the stresses are slightly different. There appears however, to be an old Gaelic song which matches The Piano theme music almost identically. This Gaelic song is sung by the group "ho-ro-gheallaidh" who won the Gaelic rock competition at the 1997 National Mod. The tune, with some of the lyrics in Gaelic and English appear on P208 of the Purser book mentioned in [4.21]. The tune is by Alexander Campbell (born 1764) and this was the tune to which Robert Tannahill wrote the lyrics "Gloomy winter's now awa'". The first name of the tune is "Lord Balgonie's favourite" (later renamed to "Come my bride, haste haste away" and Campbell describes it as "A very old Highland tune". The song appeared in print on P67 of Albyn's anthology in 1816.

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