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Folk and Traditional Music Record shops

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For pay per download MP3s. Special emphasis on traditional material
Very good Internet site for buying Scottish music.
Virtual Music, Alloa Business Centre, Whins Road, Alloa FK10 3SA, Scotland
Scottish music
The primary U.S. distributor for music of Scotland and Nova Scotia, plus selected Irish, other Canadian, and some related US music. They also offer a broad selection of music to mail order customers, through their website and by phone, fax, or mail. The website includes their articles written for Scottish Life magazine on the music. Anyone wishing to submit a review is welcome to do so.


The large general music shops often have folk sections

Good places to try in Edinburgh are the Virgin on Princes Street and The HMV on Princes St and also in the St James Centre. Sometimes the folk and Scottish sections are in different areas.
Folk is often subdivided in these shops into subcategories (i.e. Scottish, Irish, pipe bands, folk etc).

I'd also suggest Coda music, 12 Bank Street, The Mound, Edinburgh Tel: 0131 622 7246 / Fax: 0131 622 7245
They claim to have the biggest selection of folk music in Scotland and don't charge extra for mail order.


Highly recommended is

Real Music, 23 Parnie Street, Glasgow G1,
phone 0141 553 1195
next to Adam McNaughton's book shop
(tel: 0141 552 2665 and also worth a visit!)

Tower records also has a very good range.

There is also a very good shop in Glasgow on the corner of Havelock Street and Byres Road; this also sells sheet music and instruments.

Sheet music

Blackwells's is also worth trying for folk music - I haven't used their record department much, but their sheet music selection is reasonable. (The best place in town - and probably in Scotland - for folk music on paper is Rae Macintosh Music, 6 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh EH2 4PA, phone 0131 225 1171, fax 0131 225 9447; but they are very disorganised and you'll have to rummage for yourself).

For bagpipe music, see [8.5]


For musical instruments, try Mev Taylor's Music shop,
212 Morrison Street, Edinburgh EH3 8EA. Phone 0131 229 7454

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