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Primary folk music pubs and sessions

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Recommend listening to "The Reel Blend" on Radio Scotland on
Sunday mornings for listings.

Most of these start around 9
ALP/SMOG = Denotes Adult Learning Project Scots music group session - If you go to ALP you'll probably know some of the tunes A = Denotes afternoon session

Oxford Bar ALP/SMOG singing session

Fiddler's Arms Anne Hughes led session
Sandy Bells Jenny and Hazel Wrigley

Green Tree Mainly Irish session

Canons’ Gait, 232 Canongate (9-11pm)
The Diggers ALP/SMOG session
Sandy Bells mixed session
Shore Bar Angus R. Grant and friends
The Tass, Royal Mile/Jeffrey Street
Bennets Bar
ALP slow session, mainly supported by ALP students.

Sandy Bells Alan Johnstone and John Martin
The Antiquary, St Stephens St, Stockbridge - *very* mixed session

Sandy Bells mainly Irish
(occasionally) The Tass, Canongate - instrumental, mostly Irish

Sandy Bells mainly Irish
The Tass, Canongate - instrumental, mostly Irish

Sandy Bells 2.30-7pm (A) Scottish instrumental (lots of pipe tunes) Drouthy Neebours singing session with guest
Ensign Ewart Sandy Brechin and friends

All nights
Whistlebinkies 8:30 - 11:30
The Royal Oak (best pub for sing arounds)
Scruffy Murphy's



The Scotia Bar and Clutha Vaults (Stockwell Street)
Victoria Bar (Bridgegate)
Hielan Jessie's (Gallowgate)
Park Bar


Session takes place on Wednesday evenings in The Lorne Hotel, Stevenson Street.


Moulin Inn, first Sunday afternoon of the month - contact Stan Reeves at the Adult Learning Project, Tollcross Community Centre,
117 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh EH3 9QG 0131 221 5800.
His half-sister runs the hotel.


Wednesdays and Thursdays 8pm
The Taybank Bar

Further information

General Listings

Central Scotland

Check out the Gig Guide for what's happening in the pub folk scene in Edinburgh.

For Edin/Glasgow info look in the folk section of
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