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Gaelic Arts

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Proiseact nan Ealan / National Gaelic Arts Project
An arts development agency promoting Gaelic music, theatre and visual arts through initiatives such as exhibitions, publications, festivals, television programmes, CDs and training courses.

Contact: Malcolm MacLean
Proiseact nan Ealan
10 Iomair Sligeach
Eilean Leodhais
Tel: 01851 704493/703440
Fax: 01851 704734

(10 Shell Street, Stornoway
Isle of Lewis HS1 2EA )

Proiseact nan Ealan are on of the sponsors of the excellent "Ceolas" event held in Uist the first week in July.
More details:

Ceolas is a summer school to explore the interconnections between Scottish traditional music, song and dance. Tutors from Scotland and Cape Breton offer courses on pipes, fiddle, Gaelic song and dance.

The course is 160 pounds for the week (accommodation extra).

Proiseact nan Ealan also organised an excellent programme of Gaelic events during the Edinburgh Festival a few years ago.

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