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Where can I get Gaelic books?

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The Gaelic Books Council

The Gaelic Books Council stocks every Gaelic book in print
including prose, poetry, songs, music, children's material etc.
They have a catalogue. The Gaelic books council ships worldwide and takes credit/debit cards. Postage is free to UK addresses, elsewhere add 30%.

Comhairle nan Leabhraichean
32 Srid Achadh a'Mhansa
G11 5QP.

Fon: 0141 337 6211
Facs: 0141 341 0515

The Gaelic Books Council
32 Mansfield Street
G11 5QP

Tel: 0141 337 6211
Fax: 0141 341 0515


Note: All Gaelic addresses can be used fine provided the postcode is written. If you are looking for a Gaelic name for your child, the book to get is Ainmean Chloinne, Scottish Gaelic names for Children. Author Peadar Morgan.
Published by Taigh na Teud, Breacais Ard, Skye. ISBN 1871931401

The book to get if you want to give your house a Gaelic name is "Cuir ainm Gidhlig air an taigh agad" (Give your home or cottage a Scottish name) by David and Deborah Livingston-Lowe
ISBN 0-9681442-0-9. 44 pages. Includes English, Gaelic and phonetics. Published by Celtica, 725 King Street West, Suite 507, Toronto ON M5V 2W9 Canada.

Also try

Acair specialise in children's Gaelic books and can be reached at
mailto: (Scotland) (Scotland) (All UK Books in print) (USA)

Personalised Gaelic books for children can be obtained from Create-a-book Barra
244 Bruernish
Isle of Barra
Western Isles
Tel: 01871 890376

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