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Gaelic newspapers

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Gaelic newspapers

(Papers with a significant Gaelic content and untranslated articles)

Guth na Gàidhlig
The subscription desk
Highland News Group
Henderson Road
Tel: 01463 713700

Stri (magazine of the Scottish branch of the Celtic League)
Carn (magazine of the Celtic league as a whole)
See [2.7] for information on the Celtic League

An Gaidheal Ur (magazine sent to members of An Comunn Gaidhealach). See [7.5] for contact info for An Comunn

Am paipear beag; (The West Highland Free Press)
See [18.1] for contact details

An t-Albannach (The Scotsman)
Gaelic column on Fridays and alternate Wednesdays. These columns also appear on the paper's website.

Papers with a Gaelic column


(contact details in [18.1])
The Inverness Courier, The Oban Times, The Press and Journal,
The Scots Independent, The Stornoway Gazette,

Northern Ireland

Nuachtán laethúil nGael
An Chulturlann
216 Falls Road
Béal Feirste (Belfast)
BT12 6AH
Tel: 01232 239303
Fax: 01232 2393943

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