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Oldest datable Gaelic Song

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The oldest datable Gaelic song is Piobaireachd Dhomhnuill Dhuibh according to John MacInnes, School of Scottish Studies, Edinburgh University

The music to Piobaireachd Dhomhnuill Dhuibh is in the Purser book mentioned in [4.21] and a recorded version is on the Clan Alba Album.

This tune is thought to be named for Donald Dubh, 11th chief of the Clan Cameron, who led the clan from 1400 to 1460. There is some evidence that the tune evolved from Ceol Mor: a fiddle version was published by James Oswald in 1760. Sir Walter Scott also put lyrics to it in 1816. The Queen's Own Highlanders often use it as a March Past.

I'm not sure what "datable" means here. Francis Collison in the "Traditional and National music of Scotland", mentions 'Ceann na Drochaid Mhoridh' (The end of the great bridge) as being traditionally held as being composed at the battle of Inverlochy in 1427. Of the claim of Donald Dubh to be contemporary with it, he calls "impossible to say".

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