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Scotland the Brave

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Scotland the Brave

A patriotic song, favoured by many as a contender for Scotland's national anthem - usually running second after Flower of Scotland (see [9.3.1]) although unlike Flower of Scotland considers Scotland on its own merits rather than dwelling on wars with England.

Scotland the Brave is used at the Commonwealth Games (incidentally, to be hosted in Glasgow in 2014)

It started as a pipe tune around the start of the 20th century and lyrics were added in about 1950 by Cliff Hanley (1922-1999).

Scotland the Brave

by Cliff Hanley

Hark when the night is falling
Hear! hear the pipes are calling,
Loudly and proudly calling,
Down thro' the glen.
There where the hills are sleeping,
Now feel the blood a-leaping,
High as the spirits
of the old Highland men.

Towering in gallant fame,
Scotland my mountain hame,
High may your proud
standard gloriously wave,
Land of my high endeavour,
Land of the shining rivers,
Land of my heart for ever,
Scotland the brave.

High in the misty Highlands,
Out by the purple islands,
Brave are the hearts that beat
Beneath Scottish skies.
Wild are the winds to meet you,
Staunch are the friends that greet you,
Kind as the love that shines
from fair maidens' eyes.


Far off in sunlit places,
Sad are the Scottish faces,
Yearning to feel the kiss
Of sweet Scottish rain.
Where tropic skies are beaming,
Love sets the heart a-dreaming,
Longing and dreaming for the homeland again.

In 2007 in the run up to the Scottish General Elections, an alternative version "Scotland the brave 2007" became popular on YouTube
Lyrics reproduced here with permission from the author Alan Smart

Scotland the Brave 2007

by Alan Smart

Land of the purple heather
Land of some shocking weather
Land of Elvis Presley's mother
Scotland the brave

Land of some high endeavours
Harry Potter, Ewan McGregor
Land of Sir Sean forever
Scotland the brave

Land o' tech computer dolls
Royal bank and Shopping Malls
Burger Kings but nae Polaris
Moscow, Houston, Texas, Paris

Hip hop, bhangla, Gaelic classes
River city, free bus passes
Rabbie Burns and bonnie lassies
Scotland the brave

Land of Mary and Prince Charlie
Adam Smith and Mick McGahey
Referendums, oor ain Parly
Scotland the brave

Land where the Poll Tax ended
Land where Dennis wis suspended
Land where Bairns they were offended
Scotland the brave

Land where the fox runs safe
Folk look forward tae old age
Our students get cash tae get clever
Warrant sales are gone forever

Liz McColgan, Henrik Larsson,
Andy Murray, Highland Dancin'
Murrayfield, the roar of Hampden
Scotland the brave

Land of all creeds and colours
Polish, English, Moslem brothers
Land where we live together
Scotland the brave

Where gay folks are defended
noo that the Clause has ended
John Knox was fair offended
Scotland the brave

James Connolly and John McLean
Still standing up for hungry weans
Annie Lennox, William Wallace
Joining in the freedom chorus

Land of the purple heather
Land of the shining rivers
Land of my heart forever
Scotland the brave

Land of the purple heather
Land of the shining rivers
Land of my heart forever
Scotland - the brave

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