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The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the soc.culture.celtic usenet newsgroup lives here.

This FAQ is a living document, if there's any corrections, additions or comments you'd like to make, please send them to me for the next edition. The usual updates for the archives are the Celtic quarter days of 1-Feb; 1-May (Beltain); 1-Aug; 1-Nov

Thanks to all who helped with this FAQ, it was far from being a solo effort.

Craig Cockburn, Editor and main author.

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The HTML version of the FAQ generated by Q-HTML is available at the following link.

Celtic culture

Link to latest text version of FAQ - long (about 100K)

Current version of FAQ is dated 1-November-2009

FTP locations

Copies of the FAQ are also obtainable via FTP at:
? The archives. This version dated 1-November-2009
This is the central source for all newsgroup FAQs and is mirrored around the world.

FAQ by mail

To get the FAQ by mail, send a mail to and put this line in the message body.
send /usenet/soc.culture.scottish/celtic-faq
It'll come back in four parts which you'll need to concatenate yourself.

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