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The soc.culture.celtic FAQ

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Version: 2.57
Archive-name: cultures/celtic/celtic-faq
Posting-Frequency: 4 months
Last-Modified: 1-Aug-2011

This is the FAQ for the soc.culture.celtic newsgroup.
This FAQ was first launched May 1994.

Craig Cockburn (editor)

Preliminary notes

The information here is copyright (c) Craig Cockburn 1994-2011,
please ask me if you want to use any material here for any purpose.

Since this FAQ was first posted in 1994, a number of new newsgroups have started to cater for Celtic countries. Where there is a FAQ for such a group, I have provided a pointer to that group's FAQ rather than duplicate the information in here.

This FAQ is a living document, if there's any corrections, additions or comments you'd like to make, please send them to me for the next edition. The usual major updates for the archive are the Celtic quarter days of 1-Feb; 1-May (Beltain); 1-Aug; 1-Nov (Samhainn)

Accents in this document are represented by a / or \ after the vowel in question e.g. e/ represents e-fada (=e acute)


The Celts

[1.1] The Celts
[1.2] Reading material
[1.3] The Celtic languages
[1.4] Celtic language mailing lists
[1.5] Where can I get Celtic Music?
[1.6] How do I identify which Celtic language this is?
[1.7] Books for Celtic names for children
[1.8] Multilingual publications
[1.9] General on-line language resources
[1.10] Pan Celtic information
[1.11] Celtic League
[1.12] Celtic Congress

Celtic Countries

(alphabetic by name in their main Celtic language)

[2] Alba - Scotland
[3] Alba Nuadh - Nova Scotia
[4] Breizh - Brittany
[5] Cymru - Wales
[6] Eire - Ireland
[7] Kernow - Cornwall
[8] Mannin - Isle of Man

Other locations

[9] Celtic events & societies around the world

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