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General on-line language resources

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Gaelic Culture

Sabhal Mor Ostaig

This post is to announce a WWW site that offers information concerning Gaelic and Gaelic Culture. The url is:

This sits contain information on/in Irish Gaelic,
Scottish Gaelic and hopefully soon Manx Gaelic. Lesson(s)
with accompanying audio files are available for Scottish Gaelic. (This would then qualify as the first on-line language tutorial that I know of let alone in gaelic. By on-line
I mean available in an interactive format.)

There is a wide range of poetry on this site, both English
and Gaelic. Audio files exist of people reading this poetry also, in some cases the authors themselves.

You can also pick up any of the last several days worth of experimental recordings of the RTE Internet Radio project, a ~3MB recording of Radio 1's morning News. There is information on the Celts as well as mirrors to several other sites containing more information on all of these subjects and more.

While not Gaelic in origin, I like it and had someone around who speaks very good Scots, so some of Rabbie Burns poetry is included also.

Thanks to Stephen Watson, there is a collection of gif images showing the different tartans. Click in and
look at all the pretty patterns !-)

Hopefully soon, there will be some recordings of different types of music related to gaelic culture, including recordings of the different kinds of pipes, celtic harp, fiddle music as well as singing.

Please note that this site is just starting out and that all links do net yet lead anywhere.

Ma tha ceistean agaibhse, tha mi aig

(Any questions, please send them to mailto:

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