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If you want to advertise on siliconglen, here's the rates

Basic Listing

It is free for a basic link (just the URL).
A basic listing looks like this: However the link has to be highly relevant to the content of this site and supply unique content. Any other basic links are £10 or $15 a year.

Linking Text

For linking text, it is £30/$50 per link per year.
Sample: Silicon Glen, Scotland's Internet. You get 50 words in total per link. This format of link is more user friendly.

Enhanced Listing

For an enhanced listing £60/$100, we can include a 50px by 50px graphic alongside your entry.

Logo sample Silicon Glen, Scotland's Internet. (100 words in total)

You get 100 words in total per enhanced listing. This form of listing is the most visually appealing for visitors in terms of content. The image and the link will both link to the same URL on your site.

Link Policy

We only link to reputable, relevant and quality sites. We take Paypal or Cheque.

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