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Craig's first major exposure to computers was in 1981 when he borrowed the school's Apple 2 and wrote a program on it which won him second prize in the UK wide "Young Programmer of the Year" competition the next year. Craig has also received a certificate of employee involvement from the founder of Digital as well an award from the Berkshire Enterprise agency for an idea for a computer company. Craig also took first place in his Masters degree, (Britain's first in Object Orientation), is a former Mensa member and seeks a fulfilling career to fully utilise his exceptional creativity. Craig has studied and benefited from Tony Buzan's advanced learning techniques.

Academic information

I did my first degree at Edinburgh University and got a B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science. My M.Sc. was at Napier University.

The title for my M.Sc. thesis is "A user-friendly object-oriented multi-media mail filterer". It was written in C++ for both X-Windows and MS-Windows using a class library and won me the class medal and distinction (I got an A for 6 parts of the M.Sc. and a B for theory). The program creates scripts for the mail filterer Procmail on Unix to handle MIME messages. Along the way, I analysed Object Oriented analysis and design methods and came up with my own. My project supervisor was Senior Lecturer, Dr Alison Crerar. The thesis has been published in Object Currents September 96 (part 1) and Object Currents October 96 (part 2). Alternatively you can view it on this site on this website.

* Word for windows 6 format
* Postscript format
* Zipfile of Postscript and Word

During the M.Sc., I also wrote this report
Report on Computer supported co-operative work, June 1993 alternatively view it in HTML.


Business information

Here's a review of OO CASE tools which I did in May 1994 it's now rather out of date but may be useful for the contact addresses. The site at cetus links is more up to date.

For information on jobs in Scotland, try the newsgroup which I helped to set up or look in the soc.culture.scottish FAQ.


Craig Cockburn

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