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Craig Cockburn, M.Sc, Chartered IT Professional
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Craig Cockburn
For Craig's online professional profile, including career history and published papers, see Craig Cockburn professional profile. Craig is a graduate of Napier University (M.Sc, class medal and distinction).

This is just a few pages about Craig Cockburn (or even C0ckburn!!) and his involvement with computing, Scottish culture, Gaelic activities, politics, singing, folk music, etc. Also listed in Who's who online. You can also read my Silicon Glen blog.

Cockburn is a name from the Scottish borders (tileable sample of the tartan) and is pronounced "Coburn". Here is a scanned sample of the Cockburn modern tartan.

Craig hails from Dunblane, Perthshire and although has lived in Scotland for many years, currently lives in London. He owns and develops the website.


* Fiosrachaidh 'sa Ghàidhlig
* Internet involvement and material I've written (FAQs, lists, guides, programs etc)
* Hobbies and Interests
* Songs and tunes
* Scottish traditional weddings
* CV (Resumé) and business info. Includes academic papers, thesis, research papers, prizes etc.
* Announcements, news, concerts, campaigns etc
* Some FAQs about me
* Pagelink - an early browser which Craig drafted a patent application for in 1990
* An introduction to Gaelic which I wrote in 2006 when I was explaining Gaelic to pupils of Lowport primary school

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