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Craig has been on the Internet continuously since 1983 (although it wasn't called the Internet then!). Here's some stuff I've written over the years.

Newsgroups and FAQs

Craig's favourite groups and their FAQs
Newsgroup FAQ
soc.culture.celtic soc.culture.celtic FAQ FAQ
soc.culture.scottish soc.culture.scottish FAQ

Craig also helped to create the newsgroup

Craig has a highly praised Q-HTML tool for generating WWW pages from plain text.

Craig also reviewed the Kennedy Center's Scottish culturgram

Articles, guides and lists

This list covers stuff not mentioned elsewhere in these pages


The Edinburgh MaltWhisky Tour written by John Butler, Craig's project supervisor for his undergraduate degree in computing at Edinburgh University

I learnt most of my info about HTML in 1996 from Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in 14 days by Laura Lemay.

Some of these pages use the Gaeilge1 free font which I downloaded a few years ago. The author is Padraig McCarthy who used to be at but who seems to have moved. If anyone knows how to get in touch with him please let me know. Some other Gaelic fonts are available at Sean Mac Suibhne's font site.

I used to have some pages at Sabhal Mor Ostaig and at Demon Homepages but this site now supercedes them.

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