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Attitudes towards Gaelic TV in Scotland

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Survey results

This survey was conducted by System Three for the Gaelic Television Committee (see [18.6]) and published in July 94 in their 93/94 annual report.

The Gaelic TV programmes are not funded by TV licence money, they are funded directly from the Government by Act of Parliament (the Broadcasting Acts 1990 and 1996).

Unweighted base: 1052.
Figures are percentages

The columns are

1) Agree strongly
2) Agree slightly
3) Neither agree nor disagree
4) Disagree slightly
5) Disagree strongly
6) Don't know
7) Mean score


a) There are too many Gaelic programmes on television nowadays Answers: 11 15 13 36 20 4 -0.40

b) I enjoy watching Gaelic TV programmes, even though I may not speak Gaelic myself.
Answers: 12 30 12 20 23 4 -0.14

c) Too many Gaelic TV programmes are shown at peak times
Answers: 14 14 13 36 17 6 -0.29

d) It is important that the Gaelic language in Scotland is kept alive through Gaelic programmes on TV
Answers: 40 35 9 8 5 3 1.00

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