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Scottish film industry

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Scottish Screen

Scottish Screen is the new national body for film and television in Scotland, established in April 1997. It takes on the functions of the Scottish Film Council, the Scottish Film Production Fund, Scottish Screen Locations and Scottish Broadcast and Film Training, forming a unitary organisation.

Scottish Screen now works in the areas of production, development, location assistance, exhibition and festivals, training, media education and preserving the heritage and history of the moving image in Scotland through the Archive.


Scottish Screen
Chief Executive, Ken Hay
249 West George Street
Glasgow G2 4QE

Tel: 0141-302-1700
Fax: 0141-302-1711


For Scottish Film locations, see [18.9]

Celtic Film and Television Association

Frances Hendron
Secretary: AEFI
Celtic Film and Television Association
1 Bowmont Gardens
G12 9LR

Tel: 0141 342 4947
Fax: 0141 342 4948

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