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Scottish folk festivals

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Edinburgh festival/fringe etc usually starts the second Sunday in August and runs for 3 weeks.

at about the same time is the Edinburgh Tattoo

The Fringe starts a week earlier than the 'main' festival
and about the same time as the tattoo.

Celtic Connections

This runs for three weeks. Usually starting about the middle
of January and running to the first week in February. More info from the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow.

The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall,
2 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3NY, Scotland.
International Tel:- +44 141 287 5511
International Fax:- +44 141 353 4134
Pay by Access/Visa/MasterCard. Cheques payable to 'The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall'

Press & Media Enquiries:-
Tracey Kelly Tel:- 0141 332 6633 Fax:- 0141 333 0123

Info is available at


The British Council has a searchable database of some major
festivals in Britain, see

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