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Scottish and Celtic festivals worldwide

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Highland Games and Celtic Festivals

U.S. Scots Online has spent over five years developing an extensive and rich database of Highland Games and Celtic Festivals across North America and around the world. We currently have more than 400 games listed with current dates, contact information, listings of scheduled events, featured activities, competition championships, scheduled performers, attendance figures, admission prices, and much more.

Visit for the latest
information on all Highland Games and Celtic Festivals.

Additions and updates can be made at the site using the information form.

Scottish and Celtic Festivals

Updated listings detailing over 350 Scottish and Celtic
festivals from around the world have been posted at:

The new listings include over 80 events in Scotland plus several new events in North America. There is even a Celtic Festival in Japan listed.

If you are aware of any events not in the listings, or have any corrections you wish to share, please let us know. We have an on-line form to make submitting the information we need simple:


Jim Finegan
Clan MacLachlan

Celtic Colours
This is a Cape Breton Celtic music festival held in October each year.

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