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How can I learn Gaelic?

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Comann an Luchd-Ionnsachaidh (CLI)

The Gaelic learners' association Comann an Luchd-Ionnsachaidh
(Clž Gŗidhlig) can advise about books, learners near you, classes, correspondence courses etc. The name is abbreviated to Clž Gŗidhlig and pronounced KLEE. Clž Gŗidhlig has members around the world.

Motto: "For Gaelic learners and supporters". Clž Gŗidhlig publishes an excellent magazine quarterly called 'Cothrom' which is bilingual and packed full of interesting articles and useful information. There is also a tape of the Gaelic in the magazine. The printed version of the magazine is distributed free to members. Gaelic is pronounced "Gaalic" in Scotland and "Gaylig" in Ireland. In Canada, mostly the "Gaylig" pronounciation is used, but to mean Scots Gaelic.

Clž Gŗidhlig
1Ė4 Highland Rail House
Academy St

Phone and Fax: +44(0)1463 226710

On Clž Gŗidhlig's website is a database of Gaelic classes worldwide.

Bilingual extracts from Clž Gŗidhlig's magazine "Cothrom" are on-line at - CLI column

E-mail lists and IRC


There's GAELIC-L, a Gaelic medium e-mail list for all 3 Gaelics. Short English only messages from learners are OK
mailto: with a message containing the line sub Gaelic-L yourgivenname yoursurname
to join
List archives at

Gaidhlig-A & Gaidhlig-B

For beginners of Scots Gaelic there is a list for Gaelic and English, although English should only be used where you are unable to phrase your message in Gaelic. It is Gaidhlig-B - to join, send a mail to mailto: containing the line
sub gaidhlig-b yourgivenname yoursurname
There is an archive at

There is also a list Gaidhlig-A which is for fluent speakers and fluent learners and is Gaelic only (no English). To join, send a mail to mailto: containing the line
sub gaidhlig-a yourgivenname yoursurname
List archive at

There are also similar -A and -B lists for Irish
For Manx, there is a list GAELG at mailto:


Scots Gaelic complete beginners:
A new mailing list -- Gaidhlig4U -- exists for entry-level beginners of Scottish Gaelic, as well as for those who are in the early stages of learning the language. Such topics as conversation and grammar, learning materials and other resources, and Gaelic culture will be emphasised. Particular attention will be given to encouraging new learners to practice and post their Gŗidhlig, no matter how elementary it may be at present. Those with more advanced Gŗidhlig are wholeheartedly invited to participate, but please remember that communication will be centred on the needs of beginning learners. Postings may be in Gŗidhlig with accompanying English translations, or in English only.

If you have any further questions regarding gaidhlig4u, please contact Gobnait NicFhilib (Deborah White) mailto: or Daibhidh Ealaghoil (David Wright) mailto:

To subscribe, please do the following:
Send a message to mailto:
Write the following in the body of your message: subscribe gaidhlig4u


Hugo's "Scottish Gaelic in 3 months". ISBN 0 85285 234 7
Author: Roibeart ” Maolalaigh, lecturer in the Dept of Celtic at the University of Edinburgh 4.95 (Pounds) $7.95 (US Dollars). Includes useful index at the back. There is also a tape available to accompany the book Distributed in the USA by
Hunter Publishing Inc
300 Raritan Center Parkway
CN94, Edison, New Jersey, 08818

Teach Yourself Gaelic (book,tape) author: Boyd Robertson. 16.99 pounds for both. ISBN 0-340-55925-X. Book alone is 7.99 (ISBN 0-340-55923-3). Includes useful small dictionary at the back

Both of the above are recommended (particularly the Hugo book) and suitable for complete beginners and progress to upper intermediate conversational level. Both books really need the learner to be exposed to additional audio materials and/or conversation as the amount of spoken materials on the tape is a bit limiting.

Speaking Our Language (workbooks, tapes, videos), published by Canan (mailto: Highly recommended for complete beginners through to upper intermediate levels. The entire course covers 4 series, each containing 18 programmes with each programme approx 25 mins. Tel: +44-1471-844345 Fax: +44-1471-844322
Canan PO Box 345, An t-Eilean Sgitheanach, IV44 8XA, Scotland

Everyday Gaelic (book) author: Morag MacNeill (intermediate level)

Courses and organisations

Telford College run Gaelic classes at various levels including
Scotvec 1,2 and 3 and Gaelic Higher. Both evening classes and distance learning.
Contact: Telford College, Crewe Toll, Edinburgh EH4 2NZ mailto: Fax: 0131 343 1218
Tel: 0131 332 2491 extn 2233 (Communication and Languages Dept)
This is the only centre in the world offering a Gaelic Higher course by correspondence. Students keep in touch with tutors by mail, E-mail or phone. Learning packs are also sent out and work is returned with comments. Listening tapes and speaking practice are also part of the course. Course fees (1996-97) are 42 pounds for the Scotvec modules and 49 for the Higher. There is a separate fee (about 20 pounds) for actually sitting the exam.


Gaelic/Highland/Music/Singing courses (1-2 weeks long)
Sabhal Mor Ostaig, An Teanga, Sleite, Isle of Skye IV44 8RQ,
Scotland tel: 01471 844 373
(Sleite is pronounced "Slate")
There is a course "Conaltradh ann an Gŗidhlig" which seems to be a little above Higher level and is a distance learning course.

Cothrom na Feinne run Gaelic courses
Contact: Cothrom na Feinne, Balmacara Mains, Balmacara, by Kyle IV40 8DN. Tel: 01599 566 240

Jewel and Esk Valley College (Edinburgh) offer a National Certificate in Gaelic studies for learners wanting to achieve fluency through a 9 month immersion course (16 hours a week). E-mail:
Tel: 0131 654 5294/5204

On-line Gaelic lessons/software

Canan, have launched a Gaelic CD-ROM
priced 9.95 pounds and based on the first 5 lessons of Speaking our Language. mailto:
Spoken lessons with real audio
covers many languages including Gaelic

Basic Gaelic for parents, with sound samples

Information particular to the United States
An Comunn Gaidhealach America

Information on The Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts in
St Anns, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia - Gaelic and other Scottish classes are offered here
Gaelic College
P.O. Box 80
Englishtown, Nova Scotia
B0C 1H0

Other links

Other Gaelic links, see [7.2]
Gaelic books, see [7.3]
Gaelic products from Scotland, see [7.4]

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