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Frequently Requested Songs

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See [4.2] for suggestions for a National Anthem.


[9.3.1] The Flower of Scotland
[9.3.2] Auld Lang Syne
[9.3.3] Amazing Grace
[9.3.4] Oh wee white rose of Scotland
[9.3.5] Loch Lomond
[9.3.6] Runrig - Skye
[9.3.7] Sileas puirt a beul
[9.3.8] Eilean nam Bothan
[9.3.9] William McBride
[9.3.10] Doon in the Wee Room
[9.3.11] An teid thu leam a Mhairi
[9.3.12] Ailein duinn - from Rob Roy
[9.3.13] Theid mi Dhachaidh - from Rob Roy
[9.3.14] Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda
[9.3.15] Bonaparte
[9.3.16] Ca the yowes
[9.3.17] Nighean nan geug
[9.3.18] Sguaban Arbhair
[9.3.19] My Bonnie Moorhen
[9.3.20] Scotland the Brave
[9.3.21] Caledonia - Dougie MacLean
[9.3.22] Tha Mo Ghaol Air Aird A' Chuain - from Brave

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