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Published 29-Feb-2000
Tandem Story
Short Jokes
A child's insight
Sony Vaio errors

Published 19-Feb-2000
Advice for tourists
Allegedly true stories
Food and Sex
Humourous job application
Beer hormones study
Blond joke
Preparing for parenthood
Bohemian curry
Channel swim
Cinderella's wish
Help Desk Fun 1
Help Desk Fun 2
The contractor's dog
Disorder in court
The cuckoo clock
Darwin awards
Darwin awards 1999
Scottish dentist
New device
Drive through cash point
Understanding engineers
Flying announcements
Secret of youth?
New babies
Barbie dolls
Heavy baby
Unusual homicides
James Bond's watch
Mafia collector
Nap excuses
The old couple
Prawn fun
Unusual world records
Job review comments
Rules that guys wished women knew
Satan in church
Life sayings
Scottish jokes
Scottish and Welsh jokes
Spooky quiz
Various collected jokes 1
Various collected jokes 2
Funny viruses
Windows source code
Virus alert


Published 19-Feb-2000
Hidden Word options

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